Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Biblica 85/1 (2004) now on-line

The on-line edition of Biblica, still free for all to view at the BSW web site, has been announced today:

Biblica 85 (2004) Fasc. 1

An innovation with this new edition is that each article is now also available in PDF -- a welcome development. Articles pertinent to the New Testament are:

Sjef van TILBORG, "The Danger at Midday: Death Threats in the Apocalypse", Vol. 85(2004): 1-23 [HTML] [PDF]

Hansjörg SCHMID, "How to Read the First Epistle of John Non-Polemically", Vol. 85(2004): 24-41 [HTML] [PDF]

Terrance CALLAN, "Use of the Letter of Jude by the Second Letter of Peter", Vol. 85(2004) 42-64 [HTML] [PDF]

Rick STRELAN, "Who Was Bar Jesus (Acts 13,6-12)? ", Vol. 85 (2004) 65-81 [HTML] [PDF]

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